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Many days without an update but I’ve been relaxing at home with my parents. Friday my Mom and I went to Macon, Warner Robins and Byron and spent too much money shopping. Primarily I got stuff for around my house, but I also got Megatron and Sky Byte from Transformers: Robots in Disguise. I figured on liking Megatron most but he has so many alternate modes and I’ve been less inclined to learn them. Sky Byte is pretty neat. There’s something about his robot mode that reminds me of Thunderwing from the first Generation of Transformers – particularly in the face.

Saturday we drove down to Albany and met my Aunt Reba, cousin Chuck, and “Aunt” Marilyn for lunch. I hadn’t seen any of them in years. My mom had seen “Aunt” Marilyn within the last year for lunch when she was nearby, but I probably hadn’t seen her since I was in my first year or so of college. She’s one of my Mom’s first cousins from the Wilson side of the family. Aunt Reba and Chuck are my mom’s sister-in-law and my first cousin. Their husband/father was my mom’s brother who died when I was young. We all discussed the Wilson reunion that they are trying to have next June. Aunt Reba feared she’d have to stay to take care of her mother but we are hoping that if she can’t go at least Chuck can so that we can get to know our far-flung relatives better. We are the two youngest cousins. Most of the other cousins have kids our age.

We all had a pleasant lunch and exchanged e-mail addresses before leaving. Hopefully we’ll stay in better touch.

Today’s been a fairly lazy day. I woke up late and read the Sunday paper pretty much cover to cover. Lots to absorb considering all that’s happened in the past week since the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D.C. Afterwards, I re-wired the phone jack in this room as it had been giving my dad some trouble. The jack in the master bedroom needs replacing but would have meant driving nearly 50 miles round-trip to fix on a weekend – welcome to small town life. As day turned into evening, I cooked dinner for me and my Mom. We have plenty of leftovers when my dad gets in from work. I’m hoping in vain I’ll find the energy to go climb on the treadmill for a little spell this evening.

Sometime tomorrow I’ll load up Pandy and Bear and we’ll head back to Alpharetta for a few weeks. First weekend of October if every thing works out right, I’ll be heading back here for a long weekend which will give me time to go see my grandmother who celebrates her 91st b’day the 8th of Oct.

Oh, Brandy did a really nice web page of her pictures from DragonCon. I have barely gotten my film towards the front door and she’s developed hers and created a web page. What can I say, you’re making me look bad here, Brandy! At least I can say for the first time in YEARS that I have part of your Christmas bought in advance of December! BWHAHAHAHAHAH!!

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