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Not much going on tonight. I should probably go to bed soon. I was up very late last night as I left work at 12:30am along with a couple of co-workers I’d stayed behind to help get a project out of a ditch for. Was a very long day such that it was hard to make it to work this morning. We had to do a little more with that same project and then the rest of my day was full of odds and ends tasks. Had lunch with Melanie who had come out to meet me at the office. Ended up having pizza at Mellow Mushroom as Jason’s Deli was full up by noon.

The cable guy came this afternoon to hook up my trial run on digital cable. There is a lot more, yet here I am sitting in a room that doesn’t even have a TV! Oh well, I have until the end of December to either be enamored by it and determined to pay an extra $15 a month for it. The thing I was most impressed with is all the music video channels and the digital audio channels. Not bad at all. We shall see…

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