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Nothing much happenned this weekend. I managed to do some small amount of housework and almost put the living room back together afterwards. I guess I’ll do some more the next few nights since I got so little done otherwise. I spent a lot of time outside the past two days. I cleaned out some dead evergreens out front, started leveling out a low spot in the yard and de-thatched the lawn. I put in a couple of new shrubs, but I resisted buying anything else plant-wise. Shrubs I feel safe about but any other plants could still get whacked if we have another cold snap like last week’s. I also put down some more mulch where my scuppernong vines are since I didn’t manage to get much around them before they had filled in last summer. Late today I put together the hammock I got while I was last home. Ahh… wished it had been a warmer weekend and that I’d gotten that put up earlier… Could have been nice. Maybe next weekend will be warm and I’ll curl up in it with some comics or a nice book.

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