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Largely a quiet weekend.

We had a good week of rain. It’s been kind of gray and lazy but I hope the periods of rain continue. My plants need the rain!

Saturday I got one of my friends to go to the comic shop with me for Free Comic book day. I sent out a great many reminders to others the day before. I hope even if none of my attemps pan out others tried to get people out there!

That was pretty much all of Saturday. I spent the evening watching a few episodes of Transfromers off of my Season 1 DVD’s and called it a night.

Sunday I met April and David and we watched Spider-Man!!! $114 million dollars baby! Great reviews and this comic book fanboy totally enjoyed himself! I was even able to partially block out the yapping baby behind me (per peeve alert, if your child can’t sit thru the previews quetly and without getting scared, s/he probably isn’t ready to attend movies yet). I digress! I’m almost moved to start reading Spidey again. I totally enjoyed the X-Men movie (bought the DVD) and now this one, but I don’t buy Marvel, haven’t for years. I did read Ultimate Spider-Man online recently and it was a good read. I also found one of the Ultimate Spidey TPB’s cheap at Comicon and snagged it. Maybe I’ll try Ultimate. Maybe even Amazing Spidey again. That was always one of my fav Marvel books.

But I never stray far from DC Comics!

Sunday night was quiet. Watched Justice League, Simpsons, and Malcolm In The Middle, part of the time doing household chores I had avoided for too long. Downstairs looks pretty good, and the kitchen is almost spotless. A little more cleaning tonight and/or tomorrow night should have everything ship shape!

Today won’t be very busy. Going out to lunch with old co-workers for an also-former co-workers birthday. Either going to the gym (most likely) or a walk this afternoon after work.

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