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Whoever catalogues the Radio Stations for Windows Media Player needs to be shot.

This morning, running behind and tired of listening to the same couple of albums saved as MP3’s on my hard drive, I decided to tune into some net radio during my morning jaunt on the tread mill.

I picked an alternative rock station out of London called TotalRock. Again, I was running behind, so I didn’t have time to hear out a song or two before jumping on the treadmill…. I knew I was in trouble when I heard them talking about playing an exclusive Gene Simmons (from Kiss fame) song later on. I got to hear it, too. And I’m not a metal-hard rock fan, really anyway, but this song totally sucked…. The song was titled Asshole… There was one lyric that went something like, and I have nowhere to quote this from – “you’re a creep, you look like a sheep??” Something like that. I would have fallen over laughing if the treadmill wouldn’t have done me serious damage.

As I said, the person or machine who chooses the categories the net stations are put in should be shot. The title on the main page of said station? The Hardest Rock on the Planet!

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