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Got home last night (Wednesday). It was on the late side. Got off of work early, and ran home and tossed everything in the car. But when I got to the comic shop, comics were late… I’m already missing two weeks between Christmas and travel. So, I waited, and waited… A large crowd gathered by the end. It was nice to have time to chit-chat before the holiday and all. And considering the traffic I still faced when I left, I might not have missed much.

Had hoped a couple of Starman TPBs I had asked for would come in this week, but no luck. So, I stopped at BAM on the way home and got a Loeb/Sale TPB that I’d been meaning to get for awhile. This will be reading material for the long plane ride that’s coming.

Today involved a LOT of sleep. I woke up late and after the days events, I fell asleep and took a LONG nap this evening (waking up near midnight).

During the day, went with my Mom to Americus to get a few things we needed. Drove up to Fort Valley afterwards to drive around the area that I’ve determined my great, great, great, great grandfather, Richard Blalock, lived around the mid 1800’s. There’s not much to see unless the “home place” is well off the paved road somewhere. Based on the stands of new pines and peach orchards, I’d be the area has been planted over in the time since. The future Fall Line Freeway is a very short distance away, so if the road brings in the growth such ventures typically do, the area will eventually be covered in shopping centers and subdivisions. Have had hope we’d find a family burial ground where Richard’s family was buried. My Uncle long ago was searching for the graves of Cornelius Wilson and his wife, Elizabeth Blalock (daughter of Richard). I’m beginning to think we’ll have no luck on this one. Unless there is a family graveyard in those piney woods, I’d have to suspect the family was buried in graves that are not currently (if ever) marked in the cemetery at Fort Valley. Reviewing the family tree of Elizabeth’s brother, I noticed that he had a grand-daughter, who only appeared in the 1870 census and was an infant at that time “L”. The interesting part is I noticed that there is a 1 year old buried in Fort Valley Cemetery, Lora Blalock, who died in 1871. Henry’s granddaughter? She died around the same time as our Richard, so maybe the family was being buried in town by this point. And there are unmarked graves near her, so this may be as close as I ever get to an idea of where these ancestors ended up. I’ll have to share these thoughts with family at some point and see what they think.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve. Well, technically, we’re already there according to the clock, but I haven’t gone to bed since my nap. I’m looking forward to it more for seeing how the folks like their gifts than anything. Since my parents give me the money to get my gifts, there won’t be any big surprises under the tree. I’m not complaining, however!

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