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Long day. Tried to get to work a little earlier today because I knew that I was going to hang out with some friends from work who all leave earlier than I have been lately. Of course, this was destined to not be fun. I sat in much more traffic than I have later in the morning. Shortly after navigating the first bad patch, I nearly had a high school student hit me crossing three lanes of traffic! Hello, look both ways before proceeding! Having survived that, I sat in another bad patch in a section of roadway that’s never bad for me. I was quite frustrated when I got there 15 minutes later than intended but at over half an hour drive (takes me around ten minutes if I leave to get here at 9am).

Over lunch, I worked on a piece on my trip that I hope, if nowhere else, will see the light of day at Boots-n-All. I got a good deal of it done, but haven’t entirely figured out how I’ll close it. Didn’t e-mail it home, so will have to either work on it at lunch tomorrow or remember to send it home.

As the day was drawing to a close, I had one of my former managers drop by to find out if I would consider moving over to a lead spot on one of his teams. While I would have previously jumped at the chance to work with him again, the timing was not good. As much as I think possible, I’m enjoying what I’m doing now. It’s new and different enough to keep my interest up. I had to say thanks but no, of course. But I truly appreciate knowing that I’m at least in demand where I work.

Watched Lost tonight with friends. Didn’t really see the appeal. I’m slowly thinking that I should drop yet another layer of my cable. I really don’t get a lot out of it anymore. I barely sit down in front of TV anymore. If you had told me I’d say that 20 years ago, I’d have laughed in your face. But after work, I tend to surf the net awhile, listen to the radio, read some, etc. If I do turn the TV on, it’s often background noise on HGTV or TLC. I won’t do anything rash, but it’s seductive to think how much money I would save.

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