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Adobe’s Customer Service Grade

A few weeks ago, I got a macbook pro, as previously mentioned, and partially left the world of windows (my media center PC is still a PC).  I found out (before I made the switch) that Adobe will allow you to swamp from windows or mac when you chance PCs if you already own their software (considering the price of photoshop, this was a big factor).

So, sure enough, I contacted them and spent about half an hour on the phone taking care of the swap.  I had to fax a “letter of destruction” to them after the call and the cost of the swap was only the cost of shipping the new software to me.  All and all, at this point I was fairly happy.

I faxed the form saying that I would destroy the windows copy of my software and waited for the new software.  Two weeks passed…  No word…  finally, I went online and submitted a request for an update on the status.  Four days passed, and I received an e-mail response that they needed an order number and the Serial # for my software.  I had givent he case number for previous call in the status request…  I sighed a bit and replied back with the extra requested information.

Before I got a response, literally the same day, the software arrived.  There was never any communication to let me know it was coming.  I had to sign for it and yet had no idea it was coming.  If I didn’t work at home, of course, I would have missed it.

So, kudos to adobe for allowing me to trade in my windows copy for Mac, but you get a C for communication.

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