All Those Camel Jockeys

Aswan Tourists on Camel Back
Our Intrepid Tour Group on the Sahara

My camel guide, bless him for his patience, was maybe not the best photographer.

He had the right idea, but everyone of my group pictures have something that is, for me, a glaring flaw. Most of them, he stood behind another guy taking pictures. So, I have about 4 pictures, of other guides taking pictures of the group. And while I might be able to PS them out, I’m not sure it’s worth my time and effort even for the practice of rebuilding camels from other camels with the clone tool as I wipe out a camel guide… hmmm….

This one he came the closest. I changed the aspect ratio to get rid of two people on the far right end. I still have one guide walking through (this I can live with). It’s the missing half of Lilah’s camel that’s bothering me most!

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