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And The Winner Is…

Okay, I waffled a million ways from Sunday about going to Egypt around New Years. But of course, after I thought about it two days, the airfare was up over $300 more than it was when I first looked. And maybe alone not enough of a reason, but I found a good deal somewhere else, somewhere I know I’ll love.


Yes, again….

Sorry, all I can say is this appears to be the first trip to the UK that I won’t see London, so that’s some sort of perverse progres, right? I fly into Edinburgh on the morning of the 30th of December and I fly back here on the 10th of January. So, I have a bunch of days after New Years to fill. I know from last time that there’s virtually no train service, etc. until Jan. 2nd, so I plan to stay through til then in Edinburgh. Afterwards, maybe a backpacker tour. Nothing definite yet. But I want to get up into the Highlands this time.

Airfare out of the ATL right now for these days only $500…

So, another New Years spent somewhere colder than where I live! And something to look forward to!

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