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And Then There Were Two…

I held off on mentioning this partially because I’ve been slam-busy and partially waiting for things to firm up, but I’m no longer going to Italy completely solo.

I’ll still have some me time, but part of the trip, Brandy, a friend for more years than either of us probably care to admit, is joining me.

Specifically, on my 5th day there, Brandy flies in and we’ll head down to Sorrento by way of Naples. We’ll be there four nights to take in the sights at Pompeii, Hurculaneum, and whatever else we can find time for. It kind of came about out of the blue. Brandy has been to Rome before but did not have time to get to Pompeii, and she planned to go back one day. I didn’t figure she’d drop things to scurry down there with me, but I invited her along and she got her tickets last Friday. YAYYY!!!

We’re still working out where we’re staying. Brandy is going to try the hostel experience her last night in Rome but didn’t want to try it the whole trip. Either a hotel or possibly a reasonably priced self-catering apartment we found. Still in research mode as of yet.

Oh, yes, she’s also there one night in Rome. Hopefully we’ll get an early start back that day to catch some sights. We’ve already planned on seeing Nero’s Domus Aurea.

I have two nights after she heads back to round out my trip on my own as it will begin.

I’m not quite to the counting the days spot yet, but it’s already a month away! Maybe I am counting?

Time to go read the Rome and Naples travel guides I got…

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  1. I see Brandy is still "pithy" like always. Brandy, if you're reading this, get my e-mail from Mark. I'd love to hear from you. I hope you both enjoy Italy, it's my dream destination!

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