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Aran Island Couch Potato

Wow, to say today was unproductive would not be an exaggeration. And I’m not exactly bothered. You see yesterday I hit my own mental brick wall. I’ve enjoyed my trip, but with few exceptions, I’ve been out wandering every day for two weeks. I may not have been up early, but if there was sun I was with camera. If there was no sun, then I was either in a museum or figuring out where next. My plans had been slow travel yet I was always moving!

So yesterday, I decided when I get back to Galway, I’m staying there until Saturday. It’s not that there is a lot more to do or see. I’m sure I can find something, but from a general tourist perspective, I could move on comfortable I’d seen the highlights. No, this was a plan to sit in front of the Tv, maybe catch a movie, and just generally to smell the roses for a bit.

And apparently nature decided for me to start early. I woke up this morning to the sound of howling wind! On top of that, cold with a misty rain. Yes, there was no point going out! I did briefly to get a frozen pizza for dinner, and let me tell you I didn’t really want to again.

So, that’s been my day. This hostel has a ton of DVDs. Between the copy of Dark Knight on my iphone and their DVDs, I’ve been a couch potato. I’ve also enjoyed Dodgeball, Princess Bride, and Meet The Fockers. Although there were plenty I hadn’t seen, only the last one was new to me.

I’m also as of this evening, the only guest left at the hostel. I bet I will be until I leave Tuesday morning. Although, it’s a hot spot in summer, not so much in winter.

Every morning when the ferry arrives, the tour vans line up. Since tomorrow is my last day, I hope to have weather nice enough to join in on one. What I saw yesterday was lovely but there are two more ring forts and a lot of coastline to go!

Then on to Galway and operation sloth!

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