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Art Show & Recap


Time is just flying by day by day, here.

Thanksgiving came and went. I felt like I spent a chunk of it back and forth between here and home. The photo show was Friday night. I would have loved to have been there, but it was fun to meet some new people and catch up with others both before and after the show.

I’m told there was a bit less traffic than the previous show. That was evident in the sales of the framed prints, 3 sold. In the last show, it was around a dozen. However, personally, I did much better than the last show. Had a number of matted prints sell, including some large ones. So, the event was a profitable one. I still wish I had been there, though! I came back up here Saturday to pick up my prints and went back home for the rest of the weekend.

The week since has been way busy. Work, work, work! But I still find time every day to check out the pyramid cams. Because, yes, it’s less than a month away now! And I know I’m still not ready! I have barely cracked my Egypt travel guide. Eek!

The funny thing is, I’m still stuck on my last trip. I spent the evening reading various websites devoted to learning Scots Gaelic. In ways, this is silly of me. There are so many languages that would be more helpful to me, and I read that in fact there are no Scots Gaelic only speakers left in Scotland. Kind of sad, no? Nothing says learn me like a language with 18 letters, which combine to form 18 vowels and 29 consonants! But I just say down and ordered an intro book that includes CDs for Scots Gaelic as well as a Scottish Gaelic – English dictionary.

It took me a bit to find a book that came with audio and audio that was something other than cassettes! I would have enjoyed a software package, but the one I found had not so hot reviews. I tried an online source, but it was just bewildering. Maybe better off with the books after all. Here’s hoping I can get my tongue around these vowels and consonants. Maybe I’ll puzzle people by taking the books with me to Egypt.

Flight Attendant (sees book): “Excuse me sir, are you sure you’re on the right plane?”

Me: “Ay!”

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