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Busy Weekend

Saturday was partially a quiet day. I slept in and then worked awhile on my website (changes pending but not published yet). The look of everything will change, but the most changes will probably be in my online albums. I had to find a better way to deal with them. Making those pages was something of a pain. I think I’ve hit on it, but we won’t see how user friendly it is until I take down the old and publish the new.

During that time, I listened to the continuing coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II. Actually, I stopped to get ready to leave the house about the time they announced his death. I’m not Catholic, but one of my earlier memories is of his becoming the Pope. During that period, I had been attending Catholic Bible school with a friend. My schitzo religious background is a topic for some other day. The point is, I have clear memories of the events, of the election of a Pope, etc. So, it was something of the drawing to close of an era, and like the Catholic Faithful, I listened to TV coverage Friday night and Saturday until his death. From everything I could see, he was a force for good even if I’m not exactly Catholic or particularly religious, I admire people who do good work.

Sunday, I really got out. I went down to Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta’s old City cemetery, which dates back to the 1850’s. It was a great photo session, and I got to fullfil one of the requirments of being Southern by visiting the grave of Margaret Mitchell.

After that, I parked and walked around Buckhead for awhile taking pics. I got a few I really liked, and others that I have a different tack on how I’ll photograph them the next time I get the chance.

In all I probably walked for 5 or 6 hours, and I took a number of photos on a par with vacations for me. But I guess that’s the beauty of things, I can be a tourist where I live for a time. I’m sure there’s plenty of Atlanta that I haven’t seen yet.

So far, I’ve only put up a couple of floral shots that turned out quite well. Those are at photo 4 me. I’ll put up more later and at photographica as well.

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