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Costa Rico – Day 3 – Liberia

Yesterday morning we had an early start to get on a local bus to Liberia.  Four hours of fast but largely not so scary driving.  I think some others thought it was a bit hair raising, but maybe it was good I zoned out with my iPod.

Arrived in Liberia about 11am and made our way to the Hotel.  Actually quite nice.  Air conditioned room (personally barely need it) and the most gorgeous blue pool about 5 feet from my door.  The weather here is just perfect.  Warm, a bit of an ocean breeze even though about half an hour from the coast.  Really precisely what the doctor ordered after weeks of gray and/or damp weather.

In the afternoon, we all took a van together to the beach.  Saw two but the best was unquestionably Playa Hermosa.  I still have to give the edge to the gulf coast beaches, but this was still very nice.  Pretty crowded but I had a good time wandering with the camera.  I love beaches, but not that concerned with swimming not laying and baking.  My skin has two modes, burned and not-burned.

In the evening, the last of our wayward travelers showed up with air line horror stories and we all went out for dinner.  The staple dishes here revolve around rice and beans.  After three days of rice and beans, I´m beginning to get a little desire for variety, so I had a chicken sandwich.  Nothing over chick-fil-a.  It was more like sloppy joe made with chicken.  Not what I expected but not awful.

This morning, the bulk of the crew got up to go to Palo Verde, a national park to take a boat trip.  A couple of others went hiking.  I figure there are plenty of chances to hike.  I had an awesome time on the boat.  We saw iguanas, a couple of different monkey species, and crocodiles.  The monkeys came on top of the boat and I hope, hope, hope that I got some cool photos of them.  They were just so cute.

Afterwards, another authentic lunch of rice and beans with chicken.  There was a little pork this time just to throw me.  Very good, but hoping that I can find something else for dinner.  At least breakfast has been peanut butter sandwiches thanks to the supermercado down the street!

I went out and took sunset photos, gorgeous old decaying buildings here, truly what I was hoping for already in the trip. Hopefully much more to come!

Tomorrow morning, we leave Liberia bound for Nicaragua.  Apparently it takes awhile to cross the border, as we ren´t going very far but expect to take 4 hours to get there.  There for two days, including the ringing in of the new year.  Expecting to take a sailboat trip on new years day if things go according to plan.  I think the internet is less of a sure thing in Nicaragua so the blogs may be sparse or non-existent.  Even here it´s bloody slow!

Enjoying life, catch up as time permits!

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