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Dublin, Is There A Doctor In The House?

Ah yes, I got back to the room at the shameful early hour of 9pm and the stealth snorer was asleep! I figured out later that he was still there by his one shirt and toiletries. Really, bags missing for days or ultra light traveler?! I quietly readied myself for bed. It was to be a fitfull sleep of drainng sinuses and spontaneous coughing. About midnight, I awoke and tiptoed into the bathroom for some cough meds. Shortly after I settled back in, the snoring across the room was interupted by the worst coughing I have ever heard. I half expected him to explode into blood and phlegm at any moment. After a minute of this he got up and left. Thank you!

The next time I got up for a sinus clearing (yum, yes – Mark, up close, personal, and a bit gory), I noticed a new addition to the room. Wow, he must have wanted to go back where he came with the fits of coughing and sneezing all around, although mine couldn’t measure up to The Stealth Snorer!

I finally managed to get a decent sleep by propping up on the pillow and a blanket and periodically rolling from side to side. I had a feeling morning would find me at a pharmacy. My understanding being they had some more lattitude with dispensing meds than in the states.

I slept in (but not as long as the new addition) and hit the streets about 10am. The Stealth snorer had left but he’s still here somewhere! By this point, I knew for fair certain, I was not fighting a cold but one of my now near-regular sinus infections. The details being unfit for general consumption, but when I got to the pharmacy, the woman behind the counter described it spot on before I had a chance. She also informed me I’d need to see a doctor for antibiotics. I chose this particular pharmacy because of a sign that said “Doctor Present.”

The doctor was upstairs. I had been prewarned it would cost me 55 euro to see him. Ah well, no choice. I waited about a half hour and got into see him. He confirmed the sore throat and sinuses were infected. Lungs are clear and no fever. So I got my precious antibiotics (another 36 euro). Given my allergies, I’m sticking to cough syrup and an allergy pill to dry up the sinuses as much as possible. The symptoms will pass with the cause. Keep good thoughts for a fast recovery.

After taking my first dose I made my way south of the River Liffey to find the National Gallery. It’s just as well I didn’t stop yesterday, closed on Mondays! I found it and what a coincidence, a JMW Turner exhibit. I don’t have a ton of favorite artists, but I’m rarely disappointed in his landscapes and scenes. He seems to be a constant of my Europe trips. I’ve seen his work in London and Edinburgh as well. I think somewhere else to but it’s escaping me right now. The Edinburgh and Dublin parts tho turn out to be more about when I travel than some cosmic event. One particular collector, Vaughn, collected his watercolors and bequeathed part to the National Galleries in Scotland and Ireland with the stipulation that they be on free display each January. I’m actually more drawn to his oils, but he has some fantastic watercolors as well. There were a ton of great works in the gallery including a couple of Canalettos and several well known old masters and old and modern Irish work, several with some uber nice landscapes. It should be of little surprise looking at my photos where my interests would lie.

After my sojourn with art, it was on to the Archaelogy museum. I think I should go back before I leave to really give it justice. I started losing motivation to read all the exhibits later. They had the typical to any country exhibits about their own history, which was, minus the remains of bog men, captivating. I have no question about the value if these poor souls to science, but I really have no interests in looking at the half mashed, dessicated remains myself. I read what they learned from the bodies and moved on. There were also exhibits on Egypt, Rome, and Cyprus (the last of which I barely glanced at). I may go back befor I leave Ireland, after all there are a couple of other museums nearby I skipped for today.

Afterward wandered over to the Mall by St Stephens Green mainly to warm up. You can tell they want you to shop or get out, no seating outside of the food court (not that it was stopping folks from sitting on the floor). I decided a late lunch would be my excuse to hang out and found the cheapest meal deal to date 2.99 Euro at “SuperMacs” – more or less a McD’s ripoff – the main difference was big fries rather than shoestring. The previous cheapest meal (aside from my stash of grocery items) was 4 Euro for a huge slice of pizza and a drink.

After that a leisurely walk back, stopping in a few shops. Half looking for a thicker scarf and maybe a new beanie but seeing no bargains. The Aran islands are known for woolens if memory serves, so maybe there later. I’d be more interested in parting with money for something not cookie cutter anyway. I also stopped by a grocery and got a wrap for dinner later. The only reason I’m eating again is to take my meds.

Probably early to bed again, only sure way of getting enough sleep and no doubt it I need it to get over this. I’ll probably shower and pack tonight but in no huge rush in the morning. There’s fairly regular service to Galway and if I get there too early, then too early to check in. I checked on bus tickets yesterday and discovered no utility in buying them in advance since it doesn’t assure you a seat on a given bus anyway, it’s just the fare to get you to Galway, nothing more.

I am so looking forward to 3 nights of solo accomodation in Galway to hopefully wheeze out the last of this without feeling like typhoid Mark… One more night in Dublin…

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  1. Oh darn! I've met The Stealth Snorer. I liked it better as a mystery! He's Swedish and just moved to Ireland. He has a job here doing tech support because he speaks Swedish. He's living here hor a couple of weeks while he finds a place. So boring now that he has an identity and all. No explanation for the lack of luggage. I was too chicken to ask. Oh well, mission accomplished, bags readied to move on and I have tomorrows clothes out.

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