Extended Stays

So, last Friday was my final day at Equifax.  I’ll still be back and forth to Atlanta for a bit until I move my stuff in storage and won’t entirely cut ties until I manage to sell my house, but soon, I’ll get to move onto another chapter of my life.  A little travel and then we’ll see what’s next.

But there will surely be some interim stops here at home while I await the sale of the house and possibly longer if I decide to go back to school.  Much to think about but it’s a happy time.

As it goes, I’ve already taken some long walks here with the camera and wandered some familiar old streets.  I’m sure there will be more of these to come.

Several new images added to the Macon County photo album.  A couple are below.

Gathering Storm - Montezuma, Georgia Arts & Crafts Photo
Gathering Storm

The above house on North Dooly used to belong to ‘Miss’ Irene Brown, a good friend of our neighbor, ‘Miss’ Matt Price.  They are both gone now and I couldn’t say who lives there anymore, but it’s well kept and the skies beyond it just begged for a shot.

Corner of South Dooly & Walnut - Montezuma, Georgia Photo
Corner of South Dooly & Walnut

If anyone could be said to be stalking a house, I seem to be stalking this one.  I’ve always liked the style of this home and it’s literally a block from my parents house.  If I go for a walk, I invariably seem to come back to this spot just as the afternoon sun is striking it.  I know it will be a ways off in the future based on the speed they are going, but I look forward to that day when it’s finally completely restored.

Surely more to come in my rural south and Macon County portfolios before I get to go on my Euro adventure!

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