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How I Spent My Day

So, I guess if you don’t stroke your own ego, who will? I did go down to the My Atlanta photo show in Piedmont Park today and posted four of my Atlanta shots from between now and spring. All of them are featured in a previous journal at my deviant art gallery.

Now, putting this all in perspective, it’s a free show and all levels are welcome.

After I put my pieces in, I wandered off for awhile while other people were setting up and soaked in some of the atmosphere of the city that I don’t get out here in the burbs. Wandered with my camera for an hour or so and meandered back in. Was delighted to see that my shots had gotten a lot of stickers beside them (viewers choice votes). That alone was plenty. Sure, winning something would be great, but just knowing that a couple dozen people in a small show thought I had the best there? Not bad.

I meandered off again, took some pictures and just relaxed under the trees. I wasn’t sure when exactly the winners would be announced but I’d seen the judges going around earlier. A bit after 2pm, I decided I was tuckered (I was up really early this morning), so I went back in for one last look (some of the high school entrants had only just been put up). As I was coming back out, I noticed one of my pics was missing from the wall… it was on the table with a handful of others.. hmmm…. So, I hung out and sure enough, this shot:

Atlanta Icons I – The Varsity


Atlanta Icon - The Varsity

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