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I Will Survive

Surgery yesterday was both earlier than expected and longer than expected.

I had gone home to pick up my Mom the day before and the phone rang at their house and I saw it was the hospital. I answered expecting they wanted to speak to me, but they asked for Mom. I gather they hadn’t gotten me at my house, as they talked to my Mom to let her know the surgery time was moved up an hour and a half. When they found out I was there, they spoke to me and told me the same.

I tried, as told, to eat a lot of protein up until midnight the night before. And I woke up STARVING at 5:30am. I mean, more hungry than I have ever been. I never wake up that hungry. There are some days on weekends I sleep late enough I just wait for lunch. This was so totally psychological. My mind decided to make me regret not eating.

By the time surgery was on the horizon, my mind had other things on its… er… mind…

I wasn’t so nervous that I was super anxious, but my blood pressure was a little elevated (though still in the norm but above my personal norm). I’m lucky to have good blood pressure. Yet I come from a family laced with problems in that area.

I had a local anesthetic and was told that on the loopy knock out stuff in the intravenous, I could have as much or as little as I wanted. I kept telling them not so much until things started and I personally recall requesting more twice.

I did hear people speaking and such off and on, but I think I slept through the bulk of it.

They went in expecting a chip resting in a joint based on the x-rays. In reality, they found a bone spur. Based on the doctor’s best guess, it’s the result of an injury some twenty years old. He said I should have had very limited range of motion in my foot as a result. Why it only started hurting after this recent accident is a mystery. I should have had problems already, but I guess if the range of motion has been restricted a long time, it’s little wonder I couldn’t tell that.

Apparently he literally had to chisel out the spur. I must have been pretty loopy as I don’t remember that. I do remember them waking me and telling me it had been more than expected, but the details I didn’t get until meeting back with my Mom in recovery where I ravenously ate some crackers and a coke.

It was 5:30pm when we got home. We stopped for take away for dinner and I have prescription pain killers and antibiotics to take for awhile.

Dead exhausted but feeling fine and I so appreciate all the well wishes beforehand and the good thoughts you all kept for me. Thanks!

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