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Life’s Firsts & Miscellany

Ah, behind on the updates to my life again.

I spent the past weekend at home. It was a nice break from the fast pitch that work has become. I didn’t see a lot of my Dad (it was Father’s Day) because he had to work (things where he works have been “interesting” of late, too). And I had to take Leo, my new kitten, to the Vet on Saturday. I had hoped to get his shots soon and talked to the Vet about it, but he has a cold, so the shots will wait. She gave him a shot and he’s on two weeks of twice daily antibiotic and a two to three times a day ointment for his eye (the first symptom he had on Friday was a runny eye). He seems to be doing much better now, and he’s surprisingly good natured about the forced fed medicine, etc.

Last week, I had a few of my London shots printed to get a better idea for how they look in reality versus a computer screen. I was VERY pleased. One of them, I matted and framed for my Mom – who like any Mother would think of her child’s stuff thinks it looks great. The other two pieces are for me. One is going in the Living room. I haven’t quite decided where the second is going. I matted the large one for the living room tonight. This weekend I have to find a suitable frame. The other one, I had a mat, but have re-thought how I want to frame it. At any rate, this is the “first” I was describing above. I have yet to have any piece that someone wants for themselves, but this was the first time I prepared my work for viewing by anyone who might wander through my home. As I progress at this, I’ll have more firsts I’m sure. Hopefully eventually someone shows an interest. And, I figure given time and the accumulation of work and the understanding of how to prepare it myself, I’ll start thinking about showing some of it. That was part of the reason for going to this year’s Dogwood festival. Besides wanting to see some great art, I wanted to get an idea about the whole promotion, etc. of one’s work – granted from a caliber of artist quite beyond where I am right now.

That said, while I was waiting for a job to complete at work last night, I signed up for a photography class that starts middle of next month! YES!! I had e-mailed the instructor previoulsy because I was trying to get a handle on where I belonged class wise. There is a 101 class, which is what I’m taking because it appears that there’s enough of the class which is beyond, “this is a memory card, your picture goes on it…” to make it worthwhile for me. I definitely want to take the follow-up class and then I’ll go from there. I’ve definitely found a hobby if nothing more, but I hope to cultivate more just because I’ve found something I feel passionate about.

Okay, time to empty the dryer and fold some clothes. Normally this tends to be more weekend oriented, but being so busy lately and gone last weekend has pushed back a lot of chores…

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