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My Lucky Day?

Okay, getting ready for the show and life in general has had me hopping for weeks, so I’ve had precious little opportunity to get out with the camera.

Show behind me, I figured this morning I’d get up early and get out.

Of course, I get up and the sky is dark with clouds, but those photos can be atmospheric if things work out.  So, I went out with nowhere definite to go.

I drove through Decatur and never spotted anywhere, followed a route that eventually had me passing by the various Marta stations on the east/west line, and before I knew it, there was Oalkand Cemetery.  I decided I’d poke around there as it’s been awhile and I could always pop out and roam a little.  I was there maybe 20 minutes.

I was standing on a very short retaining wall, literally about to turn around and go down as I didn’t feel good about hopping down.  Don’t know why, just didn’t.  Would normally have just hopped.  Suddenly I felt the top of the wall moving under my feet and it and I went flying forward.  The drop was about two feet, but the stone, which was about 3 feet long and 6 inches or a little more thick smacked me in the back of the legs.  Luckily it didn’t land on me.  Not sure how, I think I sort of rolled in the air when it hit me and I landed beside it.  Camera unharmed, still held up in the air by one arm.  Me… mostly unharmed.

My lucky day is that it wasn’t worse, that I didn’t end up in an ER.  The back of both legs are scraped up.  My right ankle is sprained.  I’m fine sitting still and walking around slowly on flat ground.  The stairs are once again a bother.  But compared to the 10 weeks of knee pain, this is a breeze.  The knee was a constant pain, this just hurts when I move…

My last follow-up with the orthopedist is Tuesday…  If I’m lucky, I’ll get to hobble in on the other leg…

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