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North Georgia Amble

I had grand plans today to get an early start and ride up to the mountains and catch the sunrise on what I hoped would be some good fall color.

What actually happened was waking up to see the sun already having risen. Hmm… change of plans…

I had a leisurely morning and headed up. I’d heard about a scenic trail around Johns Mountain and the “Pocket” up I-75 towards Chattanooga. I figured I’d have a day in the”mountains” such as we call them down here and I’d be there for the sunset instead.

A bit longer drive than I expected. Over an hour and a half and then pretty much meandering about. I took two long walks. The first was near an overlook from Johns Mountain. The second was to Keown Falls.

By the time I walked to the falls, I was already half tuckered. I had no idea of the climb I was in for. Up and up and up… And I’m desperately out of shape from the time off my feet. Maybe not exactly the best idea. I persevered… And I eventually completed the loop trail having never seen a water fall??? I just looked online at some photos and I was there but it was the dryest spot on earth. Lovely drought we’re having…

I did a bit more meandering afterward and was back on the interstate around 7pm. Not sure if any of my photos are all that great. The autumn colors are still probably another week or so from peak. And I’ve honestly had no luck with my previous North Georgia mountain photos, so my expectations are low. Too tired to find out tonight…

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