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November Already?

Busyish Saturday once I finally started moving.  I wasn’t really up and about until close to noon.  I had this grand plan to get up early and go get my emissions done and also get an oil change and the transmission fluid changed.  Maintenance to do and it’s time for that annual emissions test so that I can get pay for my tag for the old blazer.

That was the grand plan… The reality was rolling in for the emissions test at 1pm… And there was already a wait for that nevermind the rest…  So, I decided to just save the rest for maybe tomorrow at the usual Jiffy lube.  Passed emissions!  Yayy!!  For no real good reason, I always worry for that.  What kind of test is there that you can study for in advance??

Anyway… From there down to the mall… you know, that place I never meander to.  Except that I’ve been very bad about my regular vision check-up, and my eyes have been bothering me lately after I read a long time, or say, stare at the work PC all day?  And I’m starting to squint to read things at a distance.  Yeh, not good thing.  The good news is that all is well with my eyes, but yep, my prescription has changed.  The curious thing is that my distance vision hasn’t changed, my astigmatism got worse.  Joy…

So, I spent forever trying to pick out a new pair of glasses. Historically, I haven’t had to replace my glasses too often, well at least not since high school when my vision leveled out.  So, we are talking about something that I wear pretty much every waking hour for years.  I tried for something comfortably towards the trendy without being so much so that it will look out of date in a year.  And I went for squarish frames for the first time, so this should be an interesting experiment.  I looked at the frameless ones, but they said they were on the fragile side and that didn’t bode well to me.  I also finally updated my sunglasses – the old ones were actually the previous prescription, which was only slightly off of what was until today the current prescription.  The last time I got new glasses, it wasn’t really the prescription change, it was just time to update the glasses, so I kept the old shades.  The sad part of all this is that the combo of my increased  astigmatism and  the frame choices I made  meant I couldn’t get the new glasses today.  So,  in a week to two weeks… new glasses…  Kind of anti-climactic, eh?

That was enough for one day.  Since then, plopped in front of the TV watching DVD’s.

I did recently settle on the events for most of my Scotland trek around the New Year.  This is Time #2 in Edinburgh for New Year’s, so I can’t act as if I have no clue what I’m doing.  So far the itinerary is to arrive on the 30th of December.  I’m there for three nights.  Unlike last time, when I took day trips out, I plan to see more of the city this time.  On the morning of the 2nd, I’m booked for a backpacker tour that lasts six days and will take me up through the highlands and to see some of the Scottish islands.  I’ve got three nights and two days once back in Edinburgh that are unaccounted for.  I may or may not make advance plans for those, we’ll see.  The tour dealie is a departure for me.  But I just wasn’t up to the whole planning and figuring out transportation to even a portion of the places I wanted to see that I just decided this was close enough to what I wanted to do.  And the group deal might be a nice change, have a group to share part of the trip with  Anyway, we shall see.

So, there’s my  little life update for now.

And you?

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