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Oh What A Life

Had to go to the dermatologist today. Adult acne, oh what fun. I guess I was lucky not to have any severe breakouts as a teen, but it doesn’t get easier as an adult. I really don’t have acne in that sense of the word anyway. Normally nothing breaking out, just sealed up acne bumps on my ever-more-exposed forehead. I’ve been going since December. I’ve gone from medicine at night before bed to twice a day. Today was a chemical peel and stabbing exercise. Back in two weeks for a check-up and then 4 weeks later for another session. It’s looking like I’ll be on acutane this summer. That’s a little scary because of them having to monitor your bloodwork so much during it… I guess we’ll see. Maybe the stuff I’m on now will kick in before that happens.

On my way home from work, saw that gas is finally (tongue firmly in cheek) over $2 a gallon. I knew it was coming. It’s been inching its way there. But we haven’t even hit the summer driving season yet, what will gas cost in a few months… Just insane… And people at work only think about their cars. When I was talking about gas prices a week ago, a co-worker asked what I drive. I reminded them that I drive 5 miles to work, the daily commute stuff isn’t going to kill me. It’s the fact that EVERYTHING will go up. Our economy is grounded on oil. I did take two economics classes in college, but you don’t need a degree or a class to see what’s coming. Tonight in the grocery store, the clerk and the bagger were talking about it. And I pointed out to them that groceries come on a rather large fuel-chugging truck. The cashier suddenly said, “ohmigod, he’s right.” Gesturing around the store, she added, “This is all going to go up… everything…” Yep… And the grocery business from everything my Dad has said and I’ve heard over the years is very inelastic. They can’t take much of a hit without upping the prices. Can’t wait for my $2 a pound apples in a couple of months time.

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