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One Month With The iPhone

After the post about considering a mac, I feel like I’m confessing to  a religious conversion here!

Yes, I was one of the sheep who stood in line on the day the new iPhone 3G came out.  In my (admittedly slim) defense here, I have had the same old motorola V400 for 4 years.  I haven’t been under contract to AT&T for two years!  I resisted the urge for a new toy because I was out of contract and that made me feel all giddy inside.  I could drop AT&T anytime I wanted.  And yet I didn’t.  So, it was kind of a moot point.

The iPhone appealed to my inner geek.  It does cool things and it goes wherever I go, and no, I don’t have to have any of them, but you live once.

A month later, not a lot positive or negative to report.  It does what it’s supposed to.  It’s a good phone.  I can check my e-mail on the go.  I can pull up a map and find places I need to get to.  Even get directions to get there from wherever the heck it is I am now (love that).  In time, it appears an app will come to make it a true GPS navigation device (if the rumors hold out).  I’ll have to see the prices before I decide how much that means to me.  Right now, I don’t travel enough here in the states to worry about it.

The only bummer is that when I travel overseas, if I use any of the data services (web, e-mail, maps, etc), I will pay out the nose for them.  I mean, literally, hand over an arm to read a few emails if I don’t get wifi access.   I’ve considered popping the sim in my old phone just for that possibility (i.e. don’t carry temptation wth me).

For the record, I only stood in line an hour.  My timing (between work and dinner) was perfect and I missed the early and later crush of people.  The truly amazing thing is I was at Northpoint mall on Saturday, and there’s still a line!

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