Ancient Wonder of the World

Pyramids – As Seen on TV

I’m slowly getting over the crud, but Friday heading for Boston (business meeting Monday that I was able to roll into some me time).  So, I’m at a standstill for the moment on editing photos.

However, there are plenty of the pyramids and a small taste of Cairo in my Egypt Gallery.

Here’s a taste.

Ancient Wonder of the World
Memories Remain – Giza Plateau

This is the last of the three major pyramids on the Giza plateau, the tomb of Menkaure.  The interesting thing is, at our last full group dinner, Sam, the guide, asked us all what our favorite parts of the trip were, the things we’d take back with us, etc.  The interesting thing was, one person out of twelve mentioned the pyramids at Giza.  One person chose 4,000 year old monuments that have been on the must see list since antiquity.

Yet, guess what, it wasn’t me that chose them.  Personally, my favorite moment was the hot air balloon over Luxor and the Valley of the Kings.  This was an optional activity, but something I’d likely have never tried at home.   And my favorite place was the Sawa camp on the Red Sea beach.  You’ll barely see any photos of it, though, I really unwound there and just sat.

I think the lower ranking of the pyramids was a two part thing.  One, as Sam pointed out, almost everyone has seen they pyramids extensively on TV and in books, etc.  They either live up to our expectations or they don’t, but they aren’t a surprise.  I also think that part of it was that was really the first full day of our trip, and we had experienced nearly two weeks of Egypt since then.  So much had happened in between.

So, if you go to Egypt, you have to see the pyramids, but then experience Egypt and leave with so much more.

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