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SEO Experts With Gmail Addresses – A Pet Peeve

To be honest, I am chock full of pet peeves but one of them that gets dinged regularly is SEO experts contacting me with their gmail addresses.

Never mind how unprofessional it feels to some. I can get past that. There are plenty of people who have contacted me in regards to projects they had through a gmail account. If there’s anyone I expect to have a website with their own domain name it’s an SEO expert. If your services are so great, surely you have built your own little website on some corner of the web? Maybe this is the online version of physician heal thyself?

SEO Experts Promise - Your Site On Page 1

I get theseĀ little missives with high promises from SEO experts nearly every day. And rarely do they get more than a second glance because they are almost unfailingly from a gmail account. Is there some reason that particular little enterprise is less likely to have their own website? Is it like the old axiom of the great mechanic or carpenter who has no time to take care of their own cars or homes?

Maybe I’ve been throwing the baby out with the bathwater all these years. Perhaps one of these SEO experts could have really shown me great ways to get my site on page one (the usual promise). But my time is valuable, too. And I don’t have the energy to try to verify that your service is any good when you don’t appear to have a site of your own. Perhaps I’m alone but my message to these apparent SEO Experts is if you’re serious, have a site of your own. I don’t per se expect it to be flashy or appear on page one when I search for SEO experts, but it would definitely set you apart to have one at all.

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