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Sometimes Life Is a Yo-Yo

It’s been a few weeks now, but British Airways posted a pretty good deal to 20+ European cities.  I was feeling the need (note NEED not desire) to get away for a bit.  I pondered all the different routes I could take, but scheduling the places I wanted was hellacious because of the timing of flights to London, which was the only route available from Atlanta.  Places I really wanted to go like Turkey, involved 24+ hours of travel to get there.  And I decided those places would wait for better opportunities.

And in true irony, in the end, I’m not even going anywhere on BA.  Because when I searched for flights to the UK, Delta was matching that particular fare.  As much as I like BA (awesome to fly), all those frequent flier miles on Delta mean free trips.  In fact, I should have one coming after this next trip.

To London…  yes, for the 4th time, I’m going to London (the 5th time I’ve been to the UK all told).  Yes, I know there’s this whole big wide world out there, but I seem to have a yo yo thing going with Great Britain.  Back and forth I go.  And in the end, it’s about going places that make me happy, so I’m not really caring.  Somewhere more exotic next time maybe.

I have about 10 days this time.  I’m going in early September.  And I have still only mapped out the trip partially.  I’m taking a backpacker tour of Cornwall (four days on a Haggis bus, which name wise made more sense in the Highlands of Scotland, but was great fun so I’m doing it again).  That takes place the first full day I’m there.  I’ve yet to make a decision on the balance of the trip.  The arrival back into London is somewhat uncertain which makes it hard to schedule out that night (which is what I want to do).  I’ve thought about Ireland, Paris, and even Scotland once or twice.  Or maybe I’ll just try another part of England.  I don’t know yet.  I’m sucking at these decisions right now and don’t have a ton of time to make them.  In the end, I may just spend the rest of it in London and take a pile of day trips out.  Don’t know!

But London here I come again!

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