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The Fates Have Spoken

After Friday’s physical therapy, I was quite sore. Lasted through Saturday, but I woke up Sunday feeling bright eyed. I still have a little catch spot in the side of my leg that hurts, but it’s night and day. I bound up and down the stairs with nary a thought!

Perfect timing I’d say as tomorrow night, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers are in town!! Wooohoo!! I’m well enough to be in my usual spot in front of the stage bouncing up and down as if I had two coordinated feet! Which reminds me, if I’m going to be awake tomorrow, I have to be asleep soon tonight! Oh, I’d kill for them to come on a weekend night again soon.

And the big news of the day, I have plans to travel in May! To Mexico! Surprised? You may be more surprised. As much as I’d love to see Rocky Point again and enjoy RCPM to the wee hours, that’s not when or where I’m going. I’m going to Merida, Mexico, capital of the Yucatan. I looked at flights into Cancun, because I gave up on finding any cool adventure tours I could take (they were all like two weeks if not months long, wow). So, I figured, I’d just do it on my own as I’ve done in Europe before. Cancun was a nightmare with my frequent flier miles though. I just couldn’t work out a good plan of action, so I started seeing where else Delta flew into on the Yucatan peninsula… and discovered Merida. So, for $60, I’ll be flying to Mexico in May! And I found a cool hostel that has probably got the most rave reviews I’ve ever seen out there – $17 a night – yessss! At last a country where the $ is strong! Sure, I could have used that to stay at a super duper hotel for a week, but I want the opportunity to meet others and hotels just don’t work so well for that. This hostel also has the opportunity for group tours and such to the various ruins and other attractions of the area, so, a chance to find fellow travel nuts (most likely way more committed than I) and all for low $. Sold!

I have the idea I should save the money anyway. I really think Egypt is next. I don’t have definite plans now, but I’m hatching New Years with the Pyramids. I’ve seen the tour I want to take. It’s just a matter of forking out the $1,000 for airfare… ouch! —outlook hazy, ask again later— says the magic 8 ball!

Mexico here I come!

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  1. WOW! We can't even get organized enough to find a one-way flight back from Ohio. Maybe you could start a second career as a travel agent…you'd get my business! Have fun in Mexico We can't wait to see the pictures!

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