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To Galway With Love

Maybe it’s too early to be confessing this, but I think I’m in love with Galway. I slept in a bit, but considering I was past midnight getting the last post done, cut me some slack. In my real life, I’m a night owl. Here, I’ve been anything but.

So I rose and shown so late I had to wander to find breakfast as the kitchen here was closed for cleaning. I really had a sausage and egg Mcmuffin in mind. Oddly I rarely eat breakfast at McD’s, but whenever I travel, there I am… Missed breakfast but found a coffee shop still serving. I was not fully awake and the woman behind the counter had a thick Polish accent. Anyway, my bacon sandwich with a side of hashbrowns became a bacon and hashbrown sandwich. Oh well, all in one and not so bad. Took my medicine, downed the full glass of water I’m supposed to take with it and then went to a store for some yogurt to help with the stomach. I don’t think it helped. I wandered maybe a block before I finally broke down and came back for some stomach medicine I carry with me. That seemed to do it so far today. I hate taking pills on top of more pills…

While here, I took the chance to talk to someone at reception about a ferry to Inis Mor on Saturday as there was a sign they could arrange. All done, I’m taking the 10:30am ferry which requires being on a bus at 9:30am. I can’t sleep in Saturday! I booked 3 nights at the hostel, but I keep thinking maybe 4… Well, small place and I book to return there, so I set for 3, and extend if I want. I thought about Dingle Town next, but it looks hard to get there from here and I like Galway enough I’m tempted to add a couple of days here when back from Inis Mor.

I wish I could give a concrete reason for liking Galway, but it’s a very ephemeral thing. It’s a vibe. And it’s mid sized and infinitely walkable. Only really a day here now, and I’ve mostly got my bearings. I walked down to the harbour again today. I did a huge chunk of the river walk including a walk as far out on a causeway to an island in the bay as allowed. Beautiful, sunny, happy to be alive day! Then I reversed the walk and wandered along the river Corrib and the canals until I got to Galway Cathedral, not ancient but quite in keeping with antiquity on outward appearances. Inside, it definitely seems new. I then walked on as far up the river as I could and sat and took photos of a beautiful area. If it was a bit less developed, it would have been ideal, but I understand why people would want to live there.

Dinner was yet another chicken Caesar wrap. I swear I will stop! I had found a Marks & Spencers and figured on grabbing some groceries. I had picked out a ready made Indian chicken dish I could have microwaved, and then I saw my wrap and decided to hold that for an actual Indian restaurant. Sorry!

After dinner and the next dose in the seemingly never ending antibiotic, I once again had a strong metal taste. Curse these side effects, I’m sure I don’t want to read the rest of them! I had the idea that some peppermints would be perfect, both for throat (which is much improved) and for the taste. Guess what, half a dozen stores later, including a hoity toity candy store, no happy bag of peppermint. Not even a cane was sighted. Wow.. So I’m sucking on honey lemon instead. Not what I wanted, but will do.

Spent some time in the common room with my fellow hostelers and finally calling it a night. Sounds like maybe a group tomorrow night going to listen to some live Irish music. Can only handle so late and still wake up for Aran islands on Saturday! Definitely thinking I’ll spend more time here after.

For now, goodnight sweet Galway!


  1. One of my favorite songs is "Galway Bay" by Dolores Keane–have you heard it? Sweet and maudlin, but always makes me wistful. I'm glad to hear nice things about the place.

    "It's all of heaven I'll ask of God upon my dying day: My soul to soar forevermore above you, Galway Bay."

    1. I'd not heard it before. I found it online and am listening now.

      Oddly enough as you mention music that mentions Galway, it reminded me of the day I was bussing it to Galway from Dublin (actually my second trip to Galway of the trip), I have a Pogues album on my iPod (a super cheap deal from the last St Pat's Day). And on pops a song that references Galway:

      Mountain Dew

      "Let grasses grow and waters flow
      In a free and easy way,
      But give me enough of the rare old stuff
      That's made near Galway Bay…"

      Quite a coincidence!

      I'm sure there are other places in Ireland I would like, but of my stops on this trip, Galway remained my favorite…

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