Cursed - the click click click of my silly phone

Cursed – What Is That Clicking Sound?

You ever have that feeling you’re cursed? I think I’ve had it off and on over the years. I’m sure many of us do. After the past year, it’s been an especially acute feeling. Nothing is small right now. Everything is major!

I was setting off to Americus this afternoon to have my vision checked. I had needed it for literally months. Early last year I started having trouble reading again. Distance, fine, reading up close, yet again off. Sigh! But I really never enjoy going to get my eyes looked at. Remember that feeling of being cursed? I always expect bad news! So I have to build up momentum until I finally find myself sitting in the chair getting everything checked over to see how much my vision has changed this time. But last year, every time I had the courage built up, something else took precedence. The roller coaster of hospitals and doctors for my father and a few times mother was never-ending. I just kind of gave up.

Even when it was time to get my license renewed and I really wanted to get my vision checked, I didn’t find the time. To get the license renewed, yes, of course. But to get my eyes looked at, oh no! I just went and hoped! I didn’t really think my distance vision was affected but you never know do you? Remember curses!

So, today I finally had the motivation to go. And at this point I was confident that my distance vision had worsened a little, too. Nothing big but I could tell at the end of the day my eyes were tired and that’s not normally the case. There was also a vague sense things weren’t quite as sharp as they should be.

I got in the car and got about a block…

click click click click

Aieee! I knew I was cursed, what is that sound?

Turned the radio off, was it on the radio?

click click click click click click

It continued unabated… yep, I’m cursed. I’m never getting my eyes checked!

click click click click click – it got louder and faster…

Seriously, what could make that sound??

Suddenly I realized the sound was practically with me in my seat…

I reached into my pocket and found the source of that fateful cursed sound!

My ancient flip phone just took about a million pictures of the inside of my dark pocket….

Cursed - the click click click of my silly phone
Cursed I Tell You!

The seat belt had caught the button just right.

I laughed more than I remember laughing in quite awhile. Whew…

Not that this means I’m not cursed, of course.


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