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Where went the weekend?

Sunday evening has rolled around and the weekend was incredibly short.

Had dinner with April after work Friday and then ran and grabbed some stuff I needed from Wal-Mart before coming home to continue my work on the painting. Did only a bit before succumbing to the need for sleep.

Saturday, I only did a tiny bit of painting. I slept late then had to run a couple of errands and went by Lowe’s to get a new light fixture for the laundry. The one that was in there was woefully small for a work area. I also got new fire alarms. The old smoke detectors were, I suppose, still working fine, but 20 years of yellow plastic screams at you when you see them. And I figure sooner or later, I’ll sell the place and everything I can do to make it look a bit fresher will help when that time comes. The new alarms are also better. The old ones were just smoke alarms. This one is a fire and smoke alarm. It has a photoelectric eye to spot smoldering fires, possibly before the smoke would register.

Saturday afternoon I ran by Chris’s place to get comics. Only one more week of that and then it’s waiting for the next months to arrive in the mail. My first two orders I paid for monthly delivery, so we’ll see how that goes.

Gabbed awhile there before running by Publix for some goodies for the monthly Doctor Who fan gathering in Doraville. Chris’ apartment is halfway there, so just as well to bum around in Norcross for a bit.

Our Who meeting was its usual lengthy affair. More so now that we’re trying to watch the Jon Pertwee episodes in order – a lot of LONG serials in there. Afterwards everyone talked for a bit about other sci fi, etc. There was talk about dinner but it was 10pm, I’d eaten a ton of junk food and the discussion was on asian cuisine of one sort or another (the predominate food in the area), and that’s not my thing anyway. So, I just headed home for some late night painting.

It paid off, today, I only had a little to do to get the walls done. I’ve picked up everything and got out the trim paint, but I think the actual painting will be tomorrow night. The only big thing is the doors to the laundry area. But I’m just so wiped out I don’t feel like doing it.

But no use in slacking too much either as the sooner I’m done, the sooner I can begin moving shelves, pictures, etc. back into the hall. And then things will sort of be back on an even keel at last. Aren’t I Mr. Drama? I act like this has taken months. I started painting last weekend!

During dinner tonight, I watched another episode of Smallville: Season 1. This one was Stray, which happens to be the first episode of the show that I caught. This is the one that hooked me. After that, I began catching more episodes from Season 1 and then watched Season 2 in first run instead of the Sunday repeats.

It’s funny how the writers/producers of the show have learned the perfect formula to keep me watching. For the first several seasons, the constant Clark-Lana drama was just maddening. No matter what progress was made in getting the two together, they’d nullify it by the end of the show. I finally hit the point that I was rooting AGAINST them getting together. Anything to end the struggle!

So, they finally get together, but Clark’s secrets this season have all but doomed the relationship, and it looks like at this rate, they’ll take seasons to tear it apart.

AIIIEEEEE!!!! I’d tear my hair out if I could.

But then at the very end of last week’s episode, Lionel Luthor says something (I won’t spoil what) that has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for new episodes that won’t come for weeks…. Bastards…

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