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Work Week’s End

As always, work week has been rough and I’m looking forward to some comparable weekend downtime. I recently finished working through all of my pictures of Italy. It’s not that I don’t have tons more from both local travel and just around town. It’s just that gets me back to the old where to go next thing.

I spent a lot of time last night looking at a tour from Interpid Travel that looks quite cool. From what they say (and the feedback I’ve found so far), it combines solo travel with having a group and a “tour lead” who is local and knows the ins and outs. So, as much of the best of solo and group travel as may be possible. I’m really tempted to throw in and take his tour around New Years. Two weeks in Egypt with a small group and a lead sounds immensely fun.

Not surprisingly, I’ve already gotten the basic “are you nuts?” reactions. Why now? Why not wait? Of course, this is by and large the same world who can’t imagine even going to London on your own. I was amazed by how many people couldn’t imagine that. And with the exception of having a friend along for part of the Italy trip, everything has been solo for me, and I have not regretted it one bit. Travelling with a friend was incredibly fun, but solo travel is equally fulfilling.

And it floors me that people can’t understand why I wouldn’t wait. I waited over 30 years to leave my country, and I regret that so much. How long do we put off the things we want to see and do? What if it never happens? My Mom’s brother passed away from complications from diabetes in his early 40’s. Now, he had gone to Europe and done the grand tour a few years before. He got that in, so this isn’t a story of missing out, but on seizing the moment. In his case, however, he knew that it might be his last chance for a fact.

I have no impending doom hanging over my head, but like every single one of us, the only moment promised to us is this one. You never know when that bus will come screaming around the corner or the rock from the sky will bonk you on your head. Besides, the “security” we know is, I maintain, an illusion. It’s been shaken for a bit. But anyone of my international flights in the past few years could have been the one, and for that matter the planes for 9-11 were domestic flights…

So, it’s up in the air right now. I know I want to see Egypt in my life. I’m not convinced it will ever be any safer than now. We’ll see.

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