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Been a LONG week at work and I know I need to go in tomorrow to catch up on some of my neglected work.

I watched my Road Trip DVD tonight (finally)! Definitely a nice way to wind down the week! Wish I’d come up with something to spend the evening doing but since I have to leave for the airport around noon Sunday, I need to get some laundry and such done. So, tonight has become laundry night and tomorrow will be a morning spent in the office catching up.

DragonCon is only a couple of weeks away!!! I’m taking off the Friday of and the Tuesday afterwards. Looking forward with hanging out with several thousand geeks, fanboys and fangirls (the only time you seem to find them is at Cons!). Brandy and her friends will be up here yet again and Brandy is even on an art panel this year. Always knew ye had potential! My cousin, Brian, and some of his friends will also be up here for some of it and have booked a room. An old k-12 chum, Lang, mentioned coming up to see the sights of DragonCon and I’ll say again he’s got a place to crash if he wants it!

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