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Got a fair bit done today. I slept late today, but managed to get up in time to be comfortably awake when the pest control guy got here. Afterwards, I got my Blazer’s oil changed and tires rotated. Granted I’m sure there are lots more fun things to do on your day off, it was something that needed doing and I had time to leisurely get it done!

Then I ran by Publix and did some shopping. I needed some staples and I also wanted to try to make something for dinner. Anyone who knows me knows that cooking is not per se my thing. It’s not that I can’t cook, but I don’t do a lot of it. When you’re single, left overs alone is a reason not to cook a lot. I guess I should work on shrinking recipes. I wanted to try to reproduce a meal I used to like that Hamburger Helper apparently discontinued. Yes, I am something of a box cook. It was called Southwestern Beef, only I used to add kidney beans to it which to me rounded out the meal. Veggies included in the meal! Anyway, since all HH is basically is noodles of some description, browned beef, and a sauce, how hard could it be?? I managed to find noodles similar to what I remembered, got some McCormick’s enchilada sauce mix and bought some mild rotel and some southwestern seasoning to go along with the prerequisite beef and beans. What I churned out may not be exactly what I used to like, but it was a good meal none-the-less. I guess there’s something of my Granny’s ability to whip up dishes without an actual recipe in there after all.

Afterwards, I finished some laundry, wrote some e-mails and updated a few of my web pages. The cats section now reflects the loss of Gray and I updated the main page to note this notes section is now live.

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