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Not much news on my personal front.

However, I found out Easter day that my grandmother was in the hospital again and was likely to go into a nursing home. That happenned yesterday. I guess we all saw it coming. She’s 91 years old and my Aunt has had to take care of her daily for around two years now. And it was coming to the point my Aunt was afraid she would hurt my grandmother because she wasn’t strong enough to lift her, etc.

At least she’s near family. I’m sure she’ll have plenty of visitors and I’m going to have to do my damnedest to get down there myself soon.

For me, it’s deja vu. My early memories are of visiting my maternal grandmother in a nursing home in Albany, GA. I guess there’s the off-chance I have some memories before she went into the nursing home, but if so I can’t really place them. They didn’t sell her house until it was evident she was never going to move back. I guess everyone holds out the hope for awhile. So I have memories of being at her home, but I’m never sure if those were before she went into the nursing home or a couple of our summer visits afterward or when we packed up everything in the house. I didn’t have any bad memories of the nursing home Ma-Ma was in, but for some reason after she passed away, I never wanted to go in another one. I have been in one since when an elderly friend of ours moved into one. So, I guess I can handle it.

I only want Granny to be at a point where her pain is under control and she’s happy…

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