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I had every intention of posting a blow-by-blow account of my weekend at Atlanta Comicon, however I don’t think I would know where to begin. From beginning to end, I had a good time.

Friday night was a simple gathering at one of the two host hotels, the Ramada on Pleasant Hill. While I spent some time doing my impression of a wall-flower, it was fun warm-up for the rest of the weekend. I helped a little with wiping out the free bar and even managed to socialize a bit.

Saturday was a long day. I spent much of the morning and early afternoon crouched over 50 cent and $1 comic book boxes. Of course, NONE of them are in any kind of order. This is good and bad. I probably bought comics I never would have thought to hunt for, while it’s kind of frustrating when there are specific issues you’re looking for. I have no question with the amount of inventory in there, there are probably issues I was looking for that were there somewhere. Still, I found a good deal of what I wanted and there’s still DragonCon even if I don’t hit another con this summer.

Saturday evening I tried to see Transformers The Movie, but they were showing old Spider-Man cartoons from, like, the 60’s? Oh well, I guess the online schedule wasn’t accurate. So, I went and had a McD’s meal while reading some of my new comics before going back to try that night’s party at the other host hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn. There were small problems with that because the DeeJay from the night before was supposed to be back but didn’t show. The patio was also wet from the rain we had this weekend. Plus there was apparently some confusion where the front desk at the hilton told some people to go to the Ramada – not knowing about the party there?? Anyway, we got to see a quick comedy show from a comedian named Diesel, who plays some shows here in ATL and perhaps elsewhere on the road. Really funny guy -worth seeing if you ever see he’s doing his routine nearby! Afterwards, we all went to Jillian’s, a bar/game room/bowling alley in Discover Mill’s, also in Duluth. Had a great time there, and we closed the place out! Met some great people who coaxed me out of my shell just a little and I’m really grateful. Hopefully I’ll see/hear from some of them again!

Sunday was sort of a down day, like the last day of DragonCon always is. You know that the return of the daily grind is upon you. Add to that the half mile walk in the parking lot… Something else was going on in a room next door to the Con this morning. Based on the yelling, I think it was something religious. That and they got there at the crack of dawn well before any con-goers had cracked their eyes. I wondered why the parking lot was so full the last day of a Con is not normally the most people!

Still, I made some final purchases as some of the booths apparently REALLY didn’t want to take it home with them. And I sat in on a few more panels and got to hear Diesel do another set before retiring to the Dealer room to talk with a few friends I’d made!

Now I feel like I’ll never make it thru a week of work! AIEIEE!!!!

Well, one more planned event this month – of course I’m dirt poor now, but at least I bought my ticket already. This Thursday night I’m going to hear the Peacemakers at Smith’s Old Bar. The Peacemakers are basically a combo of the Refreshments and the Gin Blossoms, the former of which is one of my all time fav bands. I don’t have that many 5 year old CDs that still see regular rotation after all! I don’t know a soul there so it may be another wallflower night, but I’m planning to have fun!

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