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I can hardly be said to be a regular blogger, unlike my cousin Brian, who updates his online journal with some regularity.

So much yet so little since the last entry.

I had an awesome Labor Day Weekend at DragonCon now nearly three weeks ago… sigh, time flies. There’s little question next year will find me there again. It really is what I suspect a geek version of Mardi Gras would be. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep and I found something to do the whole time. You know you’re probably getting some years on you when the things to do outlast your willingness/ability to do them. But I had fun, and sooner or later, I’ll post some pictures from the event. I didn’t go too crazy despite this being my first year with a digital camera. I still tend to go for quality over quantity in pictures. But at least now I can see them, unlike the mutilpe rolls of film sitting downstairs in a drawer… At any rate, the perpetually early Brandy has already posted her pictures/memories of DragonCon, including our ghost hunt.

But just when you think you’re getting a little long in the tooth you do something like staying out late on a weeknight to see a band play. Tuesday night Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers made another appearance in Atlanta! If you ever hear the song Banditos and what happened to that band that sang it (The Refreshments), this is what happenned. The band broke up after achieving 1.5 hit wonder status, but a few, including the lead singer and song writer, re-grouped. They’re an indy band but they’ve had some success. They’re the only band on earth I’ve purposefully seen more than once. And if they make good on their promise to roll through ATL again before the end of the year, I’ll do my best to be there again. FYI, they are described as Jimmy Buffett from the Southwest. While I never managed to like Buffett enough to be a Parrothead, there is something to that description. I again got to see people from the bulletin board I ocassionally post to for this band. Great fun was had by all, and in buying a couple of their albums as gifts, their live CD, and a t-shirt, I’m officially broke for a month or two. DragonCon started it, and this was the death-knell! But it was fun getting here!

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