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Been feeling a little lighter the last day or so. That’s a positive thing at least!

Friday night we went to a cornfield maze in Canton, GA. It was interesting, tho I felt like I was mostly just fumbling around in the dark. Ironically the same day, one of my managers sent out an e-mail letting us know that our next Fun Friday would be a cornfield maze called Uncle Shucks that’s in Dawsonville, GA. She was telling me today, having been to both, that it’s a little more of a true maze and that they give you a map to navigate with. I like the sound of that, and it won’t be dark!

My favorite quote of Friday night, “Hey, why is the corn all brown?” HAHAHAHHA!! Thank you! It’s fall! Corn should be harvested and plowed under by now. Welcome to reality! I guess I have a more rural background than I thought – or at least a vague attachment to the earth and the seasons.

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