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Nice weekend at home. I finished painting the trim on the front of the house and painted half of the porch floor. Also reglazed all of the windows I could reach (the ones behind fixed storm windows (if they even need it) will have to wait until I pull down the storms to paint those windows. Also laid down a new vapor barrier under the house.

Next weekend will be more of the same along with the Andersonville Fall Festival. I’m taking a couple of vacation days and working a flex week this week (40 hours in four days). So, that means plenty of time for work and play. No more vacation days until December, so it’ll be a long Nov. waiting for Thanksgiving.

Next year I’ll have worked at Equifax long enough to get that third week of paid vacation! That’s both exciting and scary – glad to have more vacation – frightened how fast life flies by.

Well, best get back to work – 10 hours days are fun! Especially when you have a clipped wing – I twisted/strained an upper shoulder muscle on my right arm. I’m fine as long as you don’t expect me to lift something or move my arm beyond my shoulder. Ouch!

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