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Much to report here at my oft-neglected BLOG.

First last night – Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers came through again! I think that makes 4 or 5 times that I’ve seen them at Smiths Olde Bar. I took my digital camera, so I will post some pictures sooner or later (hopefully sooner, but I’m going home this weekend). I can’t wait for a new CD from RCPM. I highly recommend this band. Fun music was what got me hooked, but there are also some balladesque songs that Roger and the band sing/play with some real meaning. Check out the web site I linked above for more. This is the only band that I’ve seen more than twice, and have actually considered making it to one of their Mexico performances which are supposed to be great. I had considered going next year.

The reason I may not go to see them in 2004 in Mexico?

That would be the other news – I bought plane tickets to go to London in the spring! It’s a short trip for my first time across the pond. I’ll leave on April 21st – arriving in London in AM of the 22nd in their time. I fly out at noon on the 26th. So, about four days to see what London has to offer. And from what everyone has said, when I leave, they’ll be much left to do. So, I don’t plan on this being the last trek over. Already I’ve been thinking about where next? I’d like to go to Hogmanay in Scotland one year. It sounds way cool. It’s a huge celebration of the New year!

So far, I’m still ironing out plans for my trip to London (the plane tickets were bought using Christmas money my parents gave me to shop for my gift, so Merry Christmas!). I think I’ll stay in a Hostel, but I’m having a hard time picking. I think I’m down to Picadilly Hotel or one of St. Christophers hostels in London. Checking with friends and people on the boards for recent reviews of any hostels. I’m staying in one both because it’s cheap and I’m just looking for somewhere to lay my head. And because since I am travelling solo, I’d like the chance to meet other travelers along the way.

Travelling solo was a big leap for me. I mean, I’m used to going it alone, but I’ve never done a big trip solo really. There’s always been someone to share those trips with. And I labored over the decision (British Airways was offering a great deal on discount airfare). I had probably driven Brandy insane when she finally commented, “Don’t go if you’re not ready yet.” This well-intentioned idle comment was just what I needed. If I wasn’t ready now, when would I be? Would I ever be? Time to bit the bullet!

Meanwhile at home, Granny’s Thanksgiving cactus has a few more buds on it, but I think I’ve seen (and photographed) the height of it’s bloom). I sent a copy of the better pictures to my dad and his siblings. Hope it meant as much to them as me.

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