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Time Marches On

Had to skip my morning treadmill torture today. I’ve had a catch or something in my side for two days. Today, I felt it on awakening, an almost stab-like sensation on my right side right about the bottom of the rib cage. Another one hit in the shower. Where the first few on Monday were momentary, they hit and hang on for 20 or 30 seconds now. Always a worry-wart, I called the doctor. Have an appointment for tomorrow to get checked out.

I’ll probably find out that it’s a pulled muscle from working in the yard on Saturday evening and Sunday. Or, the fearful Doctor Quack (i.e. me) has been reading and has diagnosed it as a gallstone. We’ll see which, if either, scenario wins out with the doctor tomorrow.

Meanwhile, picked up a big haul of comics today. Wednesday is my regular geek outing to Drake’s Comics. Will go to bed shortly (tired, I think more from worry than anything) and read a few before bed.

I’m about to begin my busy, but hopefully rewarding April. Friday night, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers will be rolling through town. It’s the first time I’ve gotten to see them perform when I didn’t have to crawl out of bed and go to work the next morning, so I’m looking forward to that.

And this weekend is otherwise my last in town for awhile. The next weekend is Easter. I’ll be going home to see my parents. It’s a two-fold trip. Obviously, one is to spend time with the family, but the other is to drop off the cats with my parents. I’ll miss them, but I think they’d miss being fed when I was in London quite a bit more. I guess, at least, I get a few weeks where I won’t have to vacuum as much.

The following weekend is Atlanta Comicon. Quite looking forward to it. Being as Chris at Drake’s is one of the convention organizers, I’ve heard a lot about this year’s plans. Sounds like it’ll be a fun geek-fest of a weekend. I’ve yet to hear if my cousin and maybe Kelly will make it this time. They live about as close as I do, so that’s not an excuse.

The following Wednesday after that, I fly to London! So, that weekend will be spent absorbing another country, seeing what sights I can, etc. I’m quite looking forward to it. Thursday, I’ve already paid for my hop-on-hop-off bus tour of the city. That’s been strongly recommended by several people as an excellent way to get familiar with London. And as I’ll likely be jet-lagged (I arrive about 7am local time), I didn’t want to plan a heavy day. Friday, I’m going to see Stonehenge and some other places west of London. Saturday and Sunday are still a bit open. Somewhere in there is seeing the Tower of London and dipping my toes in the British Museum (hey, I’d need my whole vacation to explore 13 acres of antiquities – definitely a highlights tour). Saturday night, I’ve got my ticket to attend the Ceremony of the Keys at the tower – this is a 700+ year tradition – ceremonial closing of the tower. I’m so excited, and at the same time sad that I’ll have no pictures of this event – no photography. Ah well, great memories, I’m sure! I also figure on taking in the odd walking tour. On that point, I’m just going to write down the ones I’m interested in and take a couple when I can.

The last weekend in April is Music Midtown. I almost feel like saying a silent prayer of thanks that there’s nothing really calling me to attend this year. I’ll need that weekend to decompress!

Now, if my body can just stop disintegrating around me.

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