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Am I nuts?

I’ve felt better today – no achy-achy-side, so what do I do when I finally get moving enough to consider myself actually awake? I go out and whack away at my scuppernong vines. I need to do a little more with them, but they were beginning to bud. You only get fruit from new growth and any new growth would have been far away from the fence that my old vine climbs. When I moved in, the vine hadn’t been pruned in so long that it covered half of my french door to the patio.

Hopefully my little burst of yard-oriented energy won’t come back to haunt me later.

I’m meeting Brian & Kelly tonight to see Hellboy. At least we are meeting at the Regal 18 near me so that means I don’t have far to go. I need to shower and run pick up a few things and go ahead and get our tickets while I’m at it.

Read three days of newspapers this afternoon. I got behind on Thursday because of the long day at work and then Friday, I was only here long enough after work to change clothes. So, it wasn’t surprising that I got behind. Truth is, however, it happens almost every week to me. I want a daily paper, but I don’t always make the time to really read it. Coming from a family who always had at least one daily newspaper, it’s almost ingrained in me to have it. I guess that makes me one of the dinosaurs. Sooner or later, all our news will be net-based, I’m sure.

After the papers, I worked on this week’s haul of comic books. Quite enjoyed a few of them but saved a couple for tomorrow and vegged out in front of an episode of Trading Spaces. I have to add that I liked that show before it was popular to like it. I wasn’t too sure about their competiton episodes, Home Free, but I’m enjoying it. I really don’t like reality TV that much (only watch when forced by friends), but this isn’t the same to me. Maybe I’m a hypocrite, but I sleep well at night.

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