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The Con has Come and Gone

I thought I would give a blow-by-blow account of Atlanta Comicon 2004, but you’ll have to settle for an after-the-fact and perhaps sketchy accounting.

…but only after I load the dryer, which was what I came up here for half an hour ago….

Okay, and after that episode of Trading Spaces…

Friday night of the Con was a sort of party. It was a sketch jam for charity. I’ve never really been the sort of person who asked or paid for sketches, but this sounded fun. And I had the opportunity one day last week to pre-register for one of the 50 boards that we’re going to be sketched on. So, I trundled over Friday evening, running a bit late but assured of having a board. As they were sold out of boards when I got there, I’m glad I had already paid for mine. However, things were only just getting rolling. The patio was dark and it was all a tad disorganized but things sorted themselves out quickly. It was great fun! I got a handful of sketches from the artists available. We were told in advance that the artist would determine the sketches, but each was very obliging about asking first. To each, I asked them to make the call themselves and draw something they enjoyed. So, my board is a little diverse, but I like it!

Saturday, I did my usual stroll through the half-priced trades. I found some Transformers UK collections I didn’t have and a new StarMan trade and Sandman trade. I also bought Mike Kunkel’s “Herobear and the Kid” trade “The Inheritance.” Piles of back issues. I sat in on a nearly two hour panel held by Nick Nunziata and his cohort from C.H.U.D. on dream-casting comic book movies. Was highly enjoyable and a good sized turn-out. Has me interested in trying for more of the C.H.U.D. events here and about in the future.

Saturday night was Karoke for charity. It was very late starting, but once it was going, hilarious. The only problem for me is that in loud situations like that, I might as well be alone as I can’t carry on a conversation with anyone. Very much my problem, however. Everyone seemed to have a great time and I look forward to seeing what they come up with for next year’s Saturday night festivity.

Today was brief for me. I woke up late and read the Sunday and Saturday papers cover to cover. I barely stirred out of the house before noon, but from what I was told, was the case with much of the con-goers. I sat in one panel about animators crossing over into comics. It was lightly attended, but having finally read some of Mike Kunkel’s work, now, I enjoyed the panel. I will have to take a dip into some of the other panelist’s work now. They were all quite nice guys and it was interesting to hear their experience in their industries. After that panel, I wandered back into the dealer’s room. Most everyone was packing up. I thought about looking for some deals, but I have more than enough reading material to tide me over (well, I always seem to have an abundance). And there was that little voice reminding me that in a few short days I will be in London spending plenty, I’m sure. And then there’s DragonCon at the end of summer. Yes, a wise move to head on, I do believe.

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