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Another weekend is here and I’m being so lazy. I woke up at 8:30am and all I’ve done is read the paper and a little hand pruning of my garden. I need to finish cleaning the house. I’m in the midst of refinancing my house (of course after all the best deals have passed by). The appraiser is coming tomorrow. He wanted to come Friday, but I was honestly busy and the house wasn’t entirely presentable. So, I asked him for today. Came home with plans to clean and did do some. But I got a call from him that Saturday was bad and he wanted to come Sunday about noon. Yes, I can procrastinate longer!

There’s not a lot to do anyway. Run the vacuum and clean the kitchen counter. And clean the tile floors in the foyer and kitchen. Oh, and a little TLC in my bathroom. I mostly finished my bedroom last night. The more I read that, the more work it sounds like.

I am going to the UK again at the end of the year. I bought my plane ticket Wednesday night. I am looking forward to it. I’ve just got to iron out my plans a little more. I arrive in London (best prices for flights from here to there) on Dec. 28th, early morning. I don’t fly back until January 5th. In the interim, I plan to go to Edinburgh, Scotland for their New Year’s celebration. I think most of my time will be there. A friend recommended a Hostel that was showing up with no online availability, but I e-mailed them and it turns out that’s because they have special pricing for that period. They are very close to where the street party is and the price includes tickets to the street party and all plus a free bar the on New Year’s Eve. I could stay somewhere cheaper a little further out. The difference being between a Hostel and a Hotel… hmmm… Decisions, decisions. It’s also a 6 night stay. I was only planning to be there 5 nights and to spend a little time in London. I guess I could stay 6 nights and consider the London stop not as important… Or I could eat a night’s stay, i.e. pay for 6 but only stay 5… hmmm… Still thinking on it, but I am looking forward to it!

Well despite my best efforts, the house is not cleaning itself.

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