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I am so tired today. I sat down after getting home from dinner last night and proceeded to go through the pictures from my trip. I selected out about 100 pictures that I felt like others would enjoy and gave a good flavor for what I saw while I was there. Believe it or not, there were probably about another 50 or so that I progressively weeded out as I TRIED to keep the amount of space this took up down.

It was getting late, so I logged on to check how much space I was using on my site… I remembered getting close when I put up Mexico… dang… not enough space to post Scotland yet… So, I first tried lowering the resolution on my photos of London more (batch adjust)… Depressingly little gained from that… And I’m not 100% sure I’m happy with the results… got to think on that one… So, I went on and started going through each picture of London 2004 and deleting out some of the fluff – particularly if I had multiple pictures of the same subject. It still didn’t make a huge difference. I’m down to around 10 meg for London alone. That’s close to half of my alloted space. I looked at Mexico and realized that several of those pictures are at a higher resolution than necessary for web viewing, so the next cuts will come there, but I still really need to winnow down London a bit more, I think. It’s hard, though. I did so much in those four days that too much weeding through will eliminate so many fond memories…

C’mon Comcast – up the amount of space you give! 😉

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