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Abandon All Hope

It’s not just the pizza island, it’s the island of no return! No ferries ran today because of a storm. The winds were “50km” per hour. You do the math my friends who live in miles as I do. I just know that it was hard to close the doors behind you here today for all the wind pressure against them.

So, abandon all hope ye who enter here, you may never get off this island! It’s a shame really. I had reached my peak of off season here and now an extra day of it. Yahoo!! Oh, but it’s still better than a good day at work. LOL

I think thus place would be fantastic in summer when you could roam and frolic. Crowded but a worthy trade in this case.

There are three of us stuck here – the only guests of the hostel, two French guys and me. By the way, I now know for a fact that I remember no spoken French. I recognize nothing but stray words. Anyway, to the credit of Kilronan Hostel, the manager only charged us €10 apiece rather than the going rate. That was a bargain. And Sleepzone Hostel in Galway kindly moved my reservation back another night. Hopefully, one of the two ferries runs tomorrow, preferably the 8am one! I am ready to go!

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