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I need to do a separate post on Doctor Who thus far this series, but I will go ahead and say my favorite episode so far is without question The Doctor’s Wife – the episode written by Neil Gaiman.  I think I watched it four times, the only episode this series I’ve watched twice already.

I also intended to do a post on the new album by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. I’m still putting that one off. They are still one of my favorite bands but the previous album didn’t wow me I’m afraid and the current one I still have mixed feelings about. And as I’m sitting here listening to Kirby Krackle for the second time in one sitting, I think you’ll get my thoughts on this band before too long. E for Everyone is not their first album, but it’s the first for me and it is, after all, a nerd rock band, what could be better??

I guess Nerd Rock is as good a lead-in to my farewell (more or less) to my iPhone after close to 3 years (a month shy in fact). I’d been toying with this decision for a bit now. Since leaving behind ATL (gosh TWO years ago now), my service with AT&T has been marginal. Even sitting at home the service comes and goes, never mind wandering on some of the back roads around here. Sadly, GSM is just not all the rage once you leave the interstate here in the USA. In fact, the only thing that had kept me with them this long was that going overseas I had my phone if I needed it since there’s a lot more GSM networks to be found. If I wanted to have an iPhone badly enough, of course, I could have just switched to Verizon now, but  I used it so infrequently that it’s a silly expense. I’d had service with AT&T even longer, I think 7 or 8 years!

Anyway, my old phone was long since  jailbroken, so I decided to see how T-Mobile compared this month. A little worse actually but as I can do pay as you go, I’ll probably keep an open account for now. Anyway, I just got my Verizon pay as you go phone today. I think this will be sufficient, but if not I can always change it up if I see I’d be better off with an actual monthly plan (I’d be truly shocked).

I know, imagine me without my iPhone! That sucker has literally been all over with me. I’m not exaggerating either, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, UK, Ireland, and Paris off the top of my head! I think there may be some friends collapsing in shock now. Maybe again one day but right now it’s just a waste. If it makes you feel better, I’ll likely have it on me, it’s still WiFi capable and an iPod. And I will definitely travel with it since I can buy sim cards abroad if need be. Best of all worlds for now.

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