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Achy Old Joints

So, I saw the doctor today about the pain in my left knee.

Nothing readily wrong with it.

So, he prescribed an anti-inflammatory and sent me for x-rays.  I go back a week from Thursday to review the x-rays and see how things are.  If I’m lucky, I’ve just unwittingly pulled a muscle or tendon or something and I’ll be better by then.   Otherwise, if the x-ray shows nothing, then he said next is an MRI…  I kind of wish he hadn’t offerred that next step up to me… just something else to obsess about.

Kind of like how I spent the day trying to figure out if maybe I lock my knees when I stand, thus putting undue stress on them.  Half the people I spoke to today, I asked if they locked their knees when they stand…  So, they all checked and became equally self-conscious about how they stand.  Poll, public service, public menace, your choice, but do you lock your knees when you stand?

I got the prescription filled about 5pm this afternoon.  And within an hour of taking it, the knee fet pretty much normal.  Aside from the concern over whether or not I lock my knee, you know.  Powerful drugs apparently.  So, a partial yay at least!