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My life right now is all about solitude. My new job is working out of my home. And week one saw me going stir crazy. Week two was a bit better as I’m really getting into some stuff, but I still can’t see myself spending the rest of my life working at home. I don’t know that anyone would ever refer to me as a people person, but I definitely find myself missing the human interaction.

And now my weekend was about more solitude. Thursday and Friday I started noticing some pain in my left knee. No idea what caused it, just a bit of pain on the outside of my left knee that’s worse at day’s end and particularly acute with stair climbing. So, I figured, if I hung out at home and relaxed, it would improve. So, I spent most of the weekend watching Season 2 of Smallville, and relaxed, so my knee would improve….

Not quite so easy… Today, I started noticing an ominous clicking soud when I go down stairs… nice… my bedroom and office is upstairs. Everything else down… so I can’t really stay on one level… Granted, I’ve done VERY little up and down this weekend, particularly after the clicking sound… As a rule, I don’t like clicking sounds coming out of my body. Assuming this is still bothering me tomorrow, which I have little doubt it will, I’ll be calling my doctor and making an appointment to get checked out.

Oh well, such is life…

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